The Power of the Internet…
The Web offers a world of opportunity for individuals and companies, providing the means to present their organization, business, products and services on a global scale.
Web Hosting and Domains

Do you have the domainand customized emails your business needs?

There are many hosting providers in the world today, but many companies and organizations are simply paying too much for these services. Treosite hosting services provides world class support and infrastructure at a very affordable price.


Advantages of Treosite’s web hosting packages:

Worldwide connection
Your emails and website will be visible around the world.
24/7 monitoring
Technical Support is available 24/7 through our web-based Help Desk.
Massive web storage!
We offer web hosting storage between 2 GB and 10 GB, enough to start, maintain and complement any business!
Reliable... 99.9% Uptime!
Our connectivity control policies maximize your data transfer capacity.
Anti-spam filters
Through the power of Spam Assassin, your email account is protected from spam and junk mail.
Unlimited email accounts
Create as many accounts as you need!
Cloud technology
Our servers, located within the US and Canada, use the most modern cloud technology available.
Web software compatiblility
Develop your website using HTML, HTML5, Flash, XML, PHP,, JSP, MySQL, MSSQL and more!
Statistics reports
Our reports help you measure the success of your web site, analyzing the number and frequency of your web visitors.
Our Personal and Business hosting packages:
$59 per year
4 GB of storage
Unlimited Email Accounts
$99 per year
10 GB of storage
Unlimited Email Accounts
$119 per year
2 GB of storage
Unlimited Data Transfer
Access, My SQL 5.0, PHP, ASP.NET 4.5/MVC 4
$159 per year
5 GB of storage
Unlimited Data Transfer
Access, SQL Server 2008, PHP, ASP.NET 4.5/MVC 4

You can’t afford to trust just anyone with your web hosting service. Unfortunately, many hosting companies...                 

  • Bill for services that are included in our hosting packages.
  • Do not provide true support for hosting issues, but simply give excuses if problems arise.
  • Have problems keeping your web site working properly, i.e., the site "is down" constantly or emails do not work.
  • Don’t have the most suitable package for your web page hosting needs and fail to offer technical support features for programming languages, databases, etc..
Treosite offers the most appropriate, reliable and secure web hosting for your business or organization. All our web hosting packages include:
  • Email accounts
  • FTP accounts
  • Large bandwidth
  • Database engine
  • Dynamic programming languages (asp, aspx, php)
  • Statistics for analyzing site visits
  • Compatibility with technologies like Flash MX and CSS
  • Anti-spam protection 
  • And more…
Treosite offers a number of website packages that can meet your needs, and fit your budget. Read about them below…
Treosite provides complete media solutions for your new company. From graphic design, to website design, to web marketing. Our small business start-up package helps you move your company forward - and it gets you noticed!
We help you grow your bottom line by presenting your company's products and information in a clear, concise and compelling manner. And you don't need to compromise quality in order to achieve affordability.
Have you tried to view a website's Flash animation in your tablet or smartphone? It's not possible. Due to ever-changing Internet technology, HTML5 is the new website standard.
E-commerce websites remove barriers that can inhibit a free flow of commerce, immediately giving even the smallest business access to untapped markets around the world.
Many industries and companies need split-second updates to their websites but find it difficult to achieve this without a Content Management solution (”CMS”).